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So I met Cameron a couple years ago after I had another shop work on my Infiniti. The trunk was not finished out at the time. I got ahold of him and he texted me a picture of a design he thought of and drew up in about 5 minutes, and I said looks good and the rest is history. It is a show winning build-out and always turns heads at car shows!

– Greg Powell November 13, 2016


Great place to go!! They do good work, for good pricing. Trust them without a doubt. Go check them out!

– Dre Lewis January 2, 2017


Cameron had to do some modification on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma for the JL Stealthbox to fit looks like factory. Justice did the wiring of the JL Amplifier 3 Channel and JL Stealthbox they both did a great job at hiding the wires and install. Definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a install done professionally.

– Matt Dunn January 6, 2017


Cameron at LIS is a pro, to say the least. He puts his creativity and talent into his installations, and it truly shows. He installed an amp/sub package in my 06 Acura TL and I couldn’t be happier with it. Cameron custom made the sub enclosure and fascia, both of which get complimented quite often. He’s my go-to for audio, and I’ve got nothing but faith in his abilities.

– Dimitri Kline January 11, 2017


Cam and justice are very fast with their work they are clean and very friendly! I highly recommend people to come here! Thanks for all your help!!

– KJ Walker January 31, 2017


Justice gave the best customer service I ever experienced he did great with time and price . I was in and out and everything he done looks great sounds great and runs great they are now the only shop I go to for my truck …. he did my remote start and now my stereo he does great and I will be going back to him for more work and I suggest you do the same.

– Dorzell Owens April 5, 2017


Justice and Cameron were very courteous and helpful when it came to speaker selection/location and soldering up some wires! These are the kinda people you should have work on your vehicle!

– Mark Bobby Johnson May 4, 2017


Cameron and Justice really took great care of me today. They booked me on the calendar in advance, stayed in contact with me and were very responsive. They went the extra mile and wired up my Hella horns with a nice thick gauge wire and a fresh relay. They answered all my questions and even kept my OEM horn wired in for an even stronger sound. I’d recommend these guys for anything you need in the way of car audio, horn upgrades, and any other similar mods. They are the real deal!!

– Tim Cassidy May 9, 2017


Great service, great work, great place! Highly recommend. They were more than helpful, and got me taken care of fast. Fixed another shop mistakes. Whole different audio experience. Definitely 5 stars.

– James Kenneth May 10, 2017


Justice and Cameron are stand up guys they will shoot you straight took my 2013 explorer there and had them put in a factory integration AD system never hear AD before I was blown away at how well it sounded when they got done.They are more than willing to spend time and talk to you about any questions you might have!

– Tim Soeteart May 26, 2017


Cameron and Justice were top notch! They took on my 1994 Defender 90 NAS and made it exactly what I was wanting. See pics on their FB page. Their professionalism was impeccable and they worked with me to find the best solution for me. Couldn’t have asked for a better end result. Thanks guys!

– Chopra CL July 12, 2017


Fast service, great quality, and friendly service. The guys at Limitless Innovative Solutions are fantastic. They sat down and helped me pick a speaker package to fit my budget while still delivering outstanding quality. I can honestly say on my way home after installation I was amazed by the sound. I was thinking I will need a subwoofer soon to finish off my sound. I will absolutely be returning to them and will recommend them to anyone looking for an audio installation. They were friendly and really took what the customer wants into consideration. You can tell these 2 definitely know what they are doing and will give you the whole-hearted honest truth.

– Josh Lahr July 29, 2017


Fast, friendly and convenient. Justice and Cameron are awesome! At first I wasn’t sure about their services and I’ve never done a custom built before so I was really nervous at first but after completing this built and gaining their trust, I was really satisfied on how things turned out and was amazed by their work. They were able to get a build done within less than a day when is a two day job, squeezed me in without having long waits just makes me wanna keep going back! Well money spent. Now they are my go to guys for all audio related and custom builds for my vehicle(s)!

– Han Zhang August 31, 2017


Honest guys and very respectful. Quality professional work, just what i was looking for!

– Jose Juarez September 6, 2017


Justice and Cameron have helped me out twice now. The first time was to fix a mess that a ‘big box store’ made and today upgraded our audio system in another vehicle. These guys are sharp!

– Brad Wells September 13, 2017


Best prices around. Amazing customer service. I’d recommend them to anybody looking to do anything custom to their vehicle.

– Goerge Steinmetz III November 21, 2017


I had Lis Audio do a full audio install with full change out of speakers throughout the car, and a 10inch sub installed as well! The customer service you receive here is just amazing! Justice sat down with me and discussed everything from what equipment they’re using, to prices. Also the thing that I enjoyed most was they both listen!!! Justice and Cameron listened to what ideas I had thought of for my car and then they gave me their ideas of what they were thinking as well! And we were able to implement both my ideas and some of their ideas into my car. They are honest about anything and everything you ask of them, and the prices are the best in the area!! I’m forever going to Lis Audio for the future of any and all vehicles of mine!!!

– Jamin Anderson December 12, 2017


What a wonderful, fast and friendly service. They installed a remote start in my car in less than half a day! I didn’t have to wait, they didn’t push me to upgrade or buy something I didn’t want, they explained everything to me proficiently to make sure I understood how to use the device, plus, you can’t beat these prices! Best deal around by far and the friendliest people! Thanks for the fantastic and super quick service!

Elizabeth Armstrong January 10, 2018


Fast and friendly. They helped me out a few times to get my system right! Knowledgeable of all things audio!!! Will go to them for all my car audio needs!

– Cody Powell January 24, 2018


I am very impressed with the work that was done in my car. I had them install remote start. It has been wonderful and they are very detailed in their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– Jillyn Netcher January 24, 2018


Cameron never fails to meet customer needs and satisfaction. I’d recommend all my friends to limitless innovative solutions

– Michael Integy Lang January 25, 2018


Best Audio guys you will find in KC! Custom anything! The boys do Lighting, amps, speakers, hushmats, auto start, back up cams..and anything else you could possibly need or want! They’re fast, friendly and affordable. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else!

– Jc Fisher January 31, 2018


They were able to get my remote start done quick and were very affordable, great communication and I am very happy with the end result! Would highly recommend!

– Jaime Denney Davis January 6, 2018


I want to personally thank you Justice. I came through last min, and you got me in. Since we go way back you knew what I wanted. I have always been a big do it myself guy. There isn’t many people I would let touch my vehicle. You not only met my expectations, but exceeded them greatly. You stayed till the middle of the night over and over to make sure it was not only done in amazing time but exceptionally well. So from the bottom of my heart, I’m glad to be a supporter of LIS and you. Nobody deserves it nearly as much as you guys do.

– Cody Watters March 4, 2018


Cameron and Justice know their stuff! I had my Lexus in to install a Compustar 3x lock through factory fob + a single button remote with a 3000ft range and they did a fantastic job! They made sure to tape parts of my vehicle to avoid damage and left me with no worries. I cant thank these guys enough for their hard work and attention to detail when working on a customers vehicle. Highly recommended!

– Nina Musto April 6, 2018


Dropped off my car for some simple fixes of the stuff that was already in my car. Upgraded a couple of front speakers, put in an amp. Picked it up and now sounds like an actual concert in my car. Sounds so bad ass I just sat in the garage and listened to music. Kudos to Justice and Cameron for their magical touch on my system. Will definitely be back for more upgrades and making my system look good.

Thanks again guys!

– Marcus Carradine April 6, 2018

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