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LIS Audio March Feature – ‘04 GMC Savana Explorer VIP Upgrades

A client contacted us about updating his 2004 GMC Savana Explorer conversion van to get it ready for cross-country trips with his family. The van was a bit older in age but was still in great condition for upgrades, and even for luxurious long distance travel.

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LIS Audio How-To: Choosing Signal Processors and Line-Out Converters

When it comes to adding aftermarket amplifiers to a factory source unit (radio), it is important to know which processor will work best for the application at hand. In this blog we will breakdown some the differences in signal processors and line-out converters often used to pull signal from a factory audio system.

Car Audio, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio November Feature – Polaris Slingshot Upgrades

We recently had a couple clients stop in with their Polaris Slingshot’s inquiring about different styles of quality upgrades. One client wanted to add audio to a base model while the other client wanted to add more upgrades to his already upgraded Slingshot. We decided to help them reach their goals within the budgets provided.