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LIS Audio December Feature – ’05 Silverado Audio Dynamics Upgrade

We recently had a client contact us about upgrading the full audio system in their 2005 Chevrolet Silverado daily driver. Our client had been wanting to get a full system installed by LIS Audio but had yet to have the opportunity. Check it out!

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LIS Audio September Feature 2018 Ford Explorer “Betty” Stereo Upgrade

This 2018 Ford Explorer was in need of an audio system upgrade, so we jumped in to help! Check out what we did to add a high-end audio system while maintaining a mostly factory appearance.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio February Feature: Benefits Of An Upgraded Audio System!

Have you ever wanted to see just how beneficial audio upgrades can be without having to purchase and install all of the components of a system to hear the differences? In this blog we will cover the benefits of simply adding new aftermarket speakers while upgrading the stereo system, and/or adding an aftermarket sub-stage.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio August Feature – ’15 Ford F-150 Stereo System Upgrade!

This 2015 Ford F-150 recently received a stereo upgrade. We added an amplifier to run the full system and built a custom enclosure for 3 6" Massive Audio subwoofers behind the rear seat. Check it out!