LIS Audio March Feature – 2018 Honda Accord Full System Upgrade

Check out this hard hitting and fun project we just wrapped up! Four 12" Subs on 1500 Watts with a front-stage to keep up. See what we did to fit all this audio into this Accord.

Custom Fabrication

LIS Audio September Feature 2018 Ford Explorer “Betty” Stereo Upgrade

This 2018 Ford Explorer was in need of an audio system upgrade, so we jumped in to help! Check out what we did to add a high-end audio system while maintaining a mostly factory appearance.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication

LIS Audio November Feature – 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Custom Audio Build

Our client approached us looking for a show quality build that would keep up with the loud exhaust and high-end build aesthetics of their ‘69 Chevy Camaro, while remaining clean to the ear at high volume levels. Having previously built extensive audio systems in this client’s other vehicles, we already had a head start when it came to knowing what they were looking to achieve.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio How-To: Choosing Signal Processors and Line-Out Converters

When it comes to adding aftermarket amplifiers to a factory source unit (radio), it is important to know which processor will work best for the application at hand. In this blog we will breakdown some the differences in signal processors and line-out converters often used to pull signal from a factory audio system.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio February Feature: Benefits Of An Upgraded Audio System!

Have you ever wanted to see just how beneficial audio upgrades can be without having to purchase and install all of the components of a system to hear the differences? In this blog we will cover the benefits of simply adding new aftermarket speakers while upgrading the stereo system, and/or adding an aftermarket sub-stage.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio How-To: Comparing Enclosure Alignments with Chimpo!

I take the opportunity to break down the four most commonly used subwoofer enclosures at LIS Audio; Sealed, Prefabricated Vented, Custom Vented & 6th Order.

Car Audio, Custom Fabrication, Mobile Electronics

LIS Audio How-To: Install Overhauls!

This blog is a compilation of more than a handful of encounters I've had with new client vehicles when it comes to fixing issues as we perform the installation. Most of these installations had aftermarket equipment installed prior to coming to us and I wanted to write this blog to show others what to look for in properly installed audio and convenience components. As well as what not to do... Read on to see the LIS Audio difference!


LIS Audio February Feature – ’10 VW Passat 2nd, 2nd Amendment Signature Build

A good client of ours had work done with us previously in his Audi A3, which we named the 2nd Amendment Signature Build. He recently came back with a 2010 Volkswagen Passat and he said, “I love what you guys did in my Audi, I don’t want to change a thing. I bought this car though, and I want more.”