LIS Audio March Feature – 2018 Honda Accord Full System Upgrade


We had a client approach us wanting to upgrade his full audio system, but a bit differently than usual. LIS Audio has done some work for them in the past on a few different vehicles. This time it was about “doing the whole thing, the LIS Audio way.” It was also crucial that the sub-stage be able to REALLY send some bass output into the cabin when it comes to 70’s and 80’s style R&B and Soul music. Read up to see just how we accomplished this feat.


  • JL Audio XD Series 600W 6-Channel Amplifier
  • JL Audio TwK-88 Digital Sound Processor
  • Focal PS Series 6.5” Component Speakers
  • Focal PC Series 6.5” Coaxial Speakers
  • SoundShield Sound Deadener
  • JL Audio W3v3 Series 12” Subwoofers
  • JL Audio RD Series 1500W Mono Amplifier
  • AudioControl Epicenter Digital Bass Restoration Device
  • XKGlow LED Bluetooth Lighting Kit
  • AutoTech 290A High Output Alternator
  • XS Power D3400R AGM Power Cell

Most of the debate on how we would construct the new audio system was around the sub-stage. We wanted to have plenty of power to deliver the desired output, but we wanted it to look good, which isn’t always easy. Having a huge rectangular sub enclosure just wasn’t acceptable, for us at LIS Audio so we turned to the computer for the design process. The original enclosure design was rendered in a CAD program to give our client an idea of what they might be getting. It also helps us gain an accurate visual perspective that allowed us to know what will and what won’t work.

The Front-stage, Amplifier Rack & Sound Treatment…

The front stage consists of Focal 6.5” component speakers in the front doors and Focal 6.5” coaxial speakers in the rear storage tray. SoundShield auto sound deadener was added to all four doors and the entire trunk, including the trunk lid. The SoundShield helps reduce rattles while also creating an ideal home for the speakers in the doors to operate. In short, it helps reduce road noise and amplify the acoustics of the aftermarket audio system. We also decided to add in our Custom Rear Storage Tray Perforation to allow the bass we would add to pass into the cabin with ease.

The rack for the amplifier and processor is mounted down in the spare tire well, utilizing the factory mounting hardware, where it is tucked neatly out of the way and perforated through the truck floor. The JL Audio XD 6-Channel amplifier is used to power the front door tweeters, front door mid-bass speakers and rear coaxial speakers and are all run active due to the allotted channels of the DSP. The JL Audio Twk-88 DSP was chosen as it has plenty of outputs and adjustability to run the amplifiers as we desired while retaining the factory touchscreen. Our client prefers to listen to older music that doesn’t as often offer a ton of bass output. We decided to add an AudioControl Epicenter which digitally restores the missing low-end frequencies and now there is more than enough bass for any genre of music desired.

The Sub-stage & Trunk Build Out…

To prepare for the power we would need to properly run the new audio setup, we upgraded what we like to call “the foundation” of the system. We swapped out the factory lead acid battery for a XS Power AGM power cell that can handle at total of 2,500-4,000 Watts of power. This Honda Accord Sport has an electrical system that must be regulated at 12.3 Volts or error lights will appear on the dash. We opted to use an AutoTech 290 Amp high output alternator to gain an additional 2,000+ Watts of power at idle. We installed T-Spec 0 Gauge OFC wiring to upgrade the full charging system (perform the ‘Big 3 Upgrade’) to allow for the proper amount of power transfer.

The controllers for the DSP and sub-stage are flush mounted into the center console in an easy and convenient position. We built four individual enclosures that are bolted together into two large enclosure that hold the four 12” JL Audio W3 subwoofers. This allows the sub enclosures to be removed if ever need while maximizing the use trunk space and make it look other than a big rectangular box sitting in the trunk. The enclosure was accented with a hanging trunk facia that has a LED light attached that is synced to the amp rack light and rear storage tray light. A XKGlow LED Lighting Bluetooth module and lights were used for the accent lighting.

In Conclusion…

We tuned up the system using our AudioControl DM-RTA. This full audio system now truly screams when turned up while maintaining a quality sound the entire time. One of the best parts about this project is how nearly everything is hidden behind factory panels in the vehicle and appears stock, except for the subs in the trunk and for the immense amount of audio that comes from the cabin. This system does really well with any genre of music, even music that doesn’t traditionally have any bass output in it. This system could make you think the song “My Girl” by The Temptations was actually recorded with just as much bass as any heavy hitting Nipsey Hustle song, and it’s fantastic!

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The Latest Additoins…

After a while of solid day-to-day play time, we decided to add a JY Power Hybrid NXT to help dampen a bit of the power running to the rear from the new HO alternator and AGM Battery. This breaded some very good results! Keep an eye out for some more upgrades to come in the near future!

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E-mail: info@lisaudio.com

Website: http://www.lisaudio.com

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