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LIS Audio September Feature – Legacy Limo Party Bus Recovery and Revamp


Legacy Limo KC had a bit of a hiccup when one of the larger VIP Medusa buses was stolen and gutted of nearly all of the electronics plus a few more random things that needed replacing. They reached out to us at LIS Audio to help them get the bus back to working order. We set out to make the return of the bus to the fleet to be a glorious return. Read on to see exactly what we did to get this party bus back in action!

The Revamp!

When the bus first came to us most of the interior electronics had been ransacked and it was missing a full bench seat along with a few smaller random panels. Previously it has a TV installed in the front wall, and one in the rear. There were four speakers and a subwoofer run off of a stereo and amplifiers. The thieves took the lighting module and switch panels that control the lighting and door functions, as well as turn the TV and Audio system off and on. The entire circuit board system and AC unit we also ripped out during the theft, which the new AC unit was installed prior to the bus being brought to LIS Audio.

You can see the damage caused as well as equipment that is missing in the images labeled “Before”. The metal frame was the only portion left of the passenger side bench that was disassembled and stolen. This is where the subwoofer was originally located as well. There were ceiling panels that were taken down and some of the reflective backings to the marble windows were missing. A new full ceiling runner was needed to restore the former aesthetic plexiglass windows, which lit up with the LED lighting system. The LED lighting was also out of commission due to the remove of lights and cutting of wires.

Product Added:

  • 45” Samsung Smart TV
  • 55” Samsung Smart TV
  • 7” SONY AX-AV7000 Series Touchscreen Radio
  • 2 Interstate AGM Batteries
  • Safety First Back-up Camera
  • Safety First 7” Rearview Mirror Monitor
  • Compustar Remote Start & Alarm
  • Compustar 2-Way Remote with DroneMobile App Control
  • 4 Pairs 6X9” Triton Coaxial Speakers
  • 4 10” Triton Subwoofers
  • 800W 4-Channel Triton Speaker Amplifier
  • 1600W Mono Triton Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Cobra Power Invertor
  • T-Spec Wiring & Wiring Accessories
  • Heise LED RGB Lighting
  • FireFly Integrations Circuit Board
  • FireFly Integrations Touchscreen Control Panels
  • USB Charging Ports

Our first step was to enlist the help of an upholsterer to get the bench seat cushions made while we revamped the entire interior. We then began to add wire for the new equipment while troubleshooting the existing wires to identify what could be, and could not be, used with the new switching system. Many wires we cut and removed altogether, so this proved to be a large task, especially with having only limited information on the bus wiring at our disposal. We had to yet again “work our magic” for a client.

The next installation was the Sony 7000 series Touchscreen that is located under the 55” Samsung in the rear of the bus. Next to this is a rear touchscreen that has limited operability and control of the buses systems but does allow the riders to change the LED lighting patterns or colors, AC/Heat, fiber optic lighting, and turn the audio/video system off and on. We added new Triton 6X9” coaxial speakers to the existing mounting holes beside each TV and decided to incorporate the next two pairs into the ceiling panels when they are built.

We then moved onto the lower portion of the bench, constructing it from water resistant plywood and adding the four 10” Triton subwoofers in a custom enclosure that is built into the bench frame. Not only does this allow for a very good amount of bass but the enclosure also helps provide a ton of structural support for the full passenger side bench. Metal grille mesh was added to the lower bench to let the air from the bass move out into the coach area. We also had to build a new shelf off the back replacing the cup holders for passengers to store their drinks.

At LIS Audio we rarely use lead acid batteries due to their short lifespan and they simply do not hold a charge, nor do they discharge, as well as an AGM battery. So, decided to replace the led acid starting battery and the secondary rear battery with matching Interstate AGM batteries. New, larger wires, we run from the secondary battery to the rear circuit board to be used with all of the new equipment to be installed. A switch was also wired up to separated the two batteries when switch to off, saving the starting battery from dying when sitting for long periods of time.

The battery upgrades also allow the newly added amplifiers (approximately 1,500 Watts of additional power) and LED’s to operate at full power at all times, which makes for a great party. The speaker and subwoofer amplifiers are mounted in the rear most section that is accessible by using the secured rear door. We built a wall to mount the rest of the electronic equipment in a secure and reliable place. The circuit breaker board, HVAC fuse boards, power inverter, power channels, relays, and main fuse block. The back of the TV, rear touchscreen and Sony radio are accessible from this area as well, making serviceability a dream. 

We installed a 7” mirror monitor and back-up camera with night vision combo in the front so the driver can see what’s behind the bus when reversing. The main touchscreen controller is also located up front for the driver to access. This controls the same parts of the bus the rear controller does, with the addition of entrance and exit coach door control. This bus is now put back together in one piece but with way more upgrades than before! Make sure you give Legacy Limo KC a call for next party transportation needs! This party bus slams!

Thank you for reading our blog and I hope you came away having learned something new. What our LIS Audio Blogs for more “How-To’s” and client features to come!

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All images are provided and owned by LIS Audio (Limitless Innovative Solutions, LLC) of Kansas City.

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