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LIS Audio December Feature – LED Lighting Upgrades

This month we decide to feature a multitude of client vehicles in a single blog that show the many LED lighting packages and custom lighting. Our two most common lighting companies are XK Glow and Heise. XK Glow comes in preassembled kits that allow us to accent light the interior or exterior of a vehicle on the same lighting system. Heise lighting allows us to incorporate many different styles of fluid and subtle accent lighting.

Interior Lighting

When it comes to interior lighting we tend to use XK Glow much more than any other lighting companies. When we build custom panels from scratch and incorporate fluid lighting with Plexi-glass, we will sometimes use the Heise lighting LEDs, as they are much easier to fit into tight areas and bend with shapes. The kits we use for the interior allow us to expand on them in the future and can be controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Exterior Lighting

Our exterior lighting is found in many different forms. We are able to install lights under chassis for underglow, inside the wheels, in the wheel wells, grilles, and emblem. Many of these options will allow color change options; some are restricted to a single color. The kits we build and use for exterior use are meant to withstand exposure to moisture and the outside environment. Check out the pictures below to see the many different exterior lighting kits we add to many various vehicles.

Fiber Optic Lighting

The fiber optic light kits are often used for two different purposes, to add a starlight appearance to the headliner or to accent multiple interior panels. The starlight headliner came from the Wraith style headliner that features an interior headliner design of the starry night sky. You can see the options that we have fro these two styles down below, and how we incorporate them into different vehicles. These systems also have the options of color change via remote control or cell phone depending on preference.

Custom Trunk Lighting

When we feature custom lighting in the trunk it is usually to accent the newly added system, or to highlight a fascia that covers the new setup. Much of the custom lighting is built piece by piece and fully incorporated into the custom panels. Other lighting options are to simply mount the strips to a portion of the trunk that will shine a glow onto the panel from the outside. Our “plasma” style fluid lighting is often used to accent custom trunk panels as well.

Custom Door Lighting

The custom lights we add to doors will very from accenting a speaker behind a custom grille or door pod, to adding a simple floodlight to display a company name or logo on the ground when the car door is open. These lights can be activated from an app on the cell phone, a switch or just upon the door opening. This can be a simple addition to a factory vehicle to add a bit of flash or integrated into a fully custom built vehicle for display purposes.

Emergency & Specialty Lighting

We have solutions for clients that need emergency and warning lights for their vehicles. First responders, tow trucks and many other companies that see the warning lights on their vehicles to be an necessity, have come to us for our expertise. These lights, and lighting kits, are typically meant to be used for more than just accenting the vehicle. Headlight and tail light replacement is an option, for reasons of looking good or to be seen better at night. Some are dedicated to visual safety and others dedicated towards better driving or operational vision.

Custom & Specific Lighting Accents

When it comes to custom lighting we can add LED’s to nearly anything. Anything from large custom built accents to small accents that can may hardly be noticed. Some clients may want to add dim mood lighting that is interchangeable to an older vehicle for a new feel, and other clients want to accent with lighting to provide the extra pop the need for their project. Check out these pictures of the many different was we incorporate LED lighting into custom builds and to custom accent pieces.

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned next month to see which build, or installation, makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

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