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LIS Audio November Feature – Polaris Slingshot Upgrades

We recently had a couple clients stop in with their Polaris Slingshot’s inquiring about different styles of quality upgrades. One client wanted to add audio to a base model while the other client wanted to add more upgrades to his already upgraded Slingshot. We decided to help them reach their goals within the budgets provided. Check out these Slings and all the cool mods we added to them!

Basic Slingshot Audio Upgrades…

The first is a 2018 Polaris Slingshot that came new with no audio system or wiring for the system, at all. Our client wanted to add a nice touchscreen stereo, some speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier to power it. Additional lighting was not a concern for this client. Due to the slight changes in the previous Slingshot designs compared to this current one, there were no inexpensive dash kit options to house a double DIN stereo. So, we decided to make one.

The new stereo and custom dash kit in and ready for music!

The existing pocket where the stereo would traditionally be located was utilized in combination with a custom ABS plastic plate, to hold the new touchscreen Pioneer in place. For the speakers, we acquired Rockford Fosgate pods that are specifically made for Slingshots and, they come preloaded with 6.5” component speaker. We added a prefabricated subwoofer enclosure that held a 10” Kicker subwoofer behind the driver seat. We added a Kicker 750 Watt amplifier that is installed in the storage compartment in behind the passenger seat.

Lots of Audio & “Too Lit” Slingshot Upgrades…

The second Slingshot had some work done at a couple other shops but our client wanted some upgrades and to ensure the work would be done reliably. He owns a 2015 Polaris Slingshot that already has speakers in pods with LEDs and a lot of additional lighting an accent upgrades. Some of the lighting we addressed to get it working again and some we had to replace the full lighting kits. We also had to address the previous audio installation to make our additions and the existing system more reliable.

The previously installed amplifier and the attempt to mount it in place.

There were DS18 speakers in pods added behind the headrests and inner cabin speaker pods which are lit by LEDs. We added a set of DS18 speakers to a center waterfall pod in between the seats. The previous amplifier was not mounted in place well and seemed to be suffering in quality when turned up at high volumes. We built a custom ABS amplifier bracket to hold the amplifier solid in place and to block the stereo and any other electronics in the cavity from being exposed to outside elements. The new amplifier is a Memphis Car Audio marine grade 4-channel, which powers all of the speakers installed in the Slingshot.

A touchscreen Kenwood stereo runs the full system. Behind it we installed fresh are berating tube and a fan to keep the stereo and amplifier cool on hot days. We installed a Monoblock Memphis Car Audio marine amplifier to run the 10” SSV Works subwoofer behind the passenger seat. Our client also brought in a shallow powered subwoofer to have added under the drivers seat. You will notice that we also added some rear LED lighting to the roll bars and back shrouds that work with the taillights and brake lights. This Slingshot system sounds awesome and is now ready to shine bright at night!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned next month to see which build, or installation, makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

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