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LIS Audio April Feature – 2012 KIA Sorento COG System Upgrade

Not every installation at LIS Audio is a huge build with lots of custom work but every installation is just as important. This client simply wanted to upgrade the full stereo system in her 2012 KIA Sorento, front to back. Most of the product was purchased online and brought in so that we could correctly install it into the CUV. In this blog we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing product with installation equipment online verses in-store. “In-store” meaning from a retailer that has the expertise and capability of performing the installation.

We refer to previously purchase equipment that is brought into the shop to be installed as, COG, or Customers Own Gear. Most of the equipment for the installation was purchased online from a reputable distributor, that also offers fitment guides for specific vehicles. The amplifier and more installation supplies were provided by our shop to finish up the job properly. Another way we help make clients lives easier is by offering online price matching (of only authorized dealers) on products and decreased installation rates when products are purchased from LIS Audio.

The overall goal was to make the stereo system louder in volume while remaining clean and clear while to stepping the functionality up. The stereo we installed is a JVC 6.2” Touchscreen DVD player with Bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming capability. The touchscreen is definitely an upgrade from the factory unit but still retains a factory like look to the entire dash. The JVC touchscreen allowed us to add a new reverse camera, and properly tune the signal sent to the amplifier. We decided to power the new JBL front and rear speakers with a DS18 5 Channel amplifier located under the passenger seat, with the front door speaker crossovers.

When it comes to purchasing outside products, and bringing them into LIS Audio to have them installed, we will first inform you that we are not able to warranty the product. This is important due to the fact that our Lifetime Worksmanship Warranty covers the replacement of LIS Audio Warrantied Products, though it does not cover the replacement of faulty COG products. Testing the product before installation to see it is not faulty prior to installation is another step we take to ensure money and time isn’t wasted. We prefer not charge clients more than needed, but tips are accepted.

We installed 6.5″ JBL speakers in the front and rear doors of the KIA. The speaker mounts that were ordered to fit the vehicle did not work in this amplification, so we built them from scratch. Installation shops tend to have many different avenues for looking up the proper installation supplies and have experience knowing what supplies will be needed for each individual installation. Which means not online return headaches and little to no wait if a product doesn’t fir or work correctly. The amplifier was installed under the passenger seat, replacing the factory amplifier, and runs the two sets of speakers as well as the 12” subwoofer.

We chose a 12” DS18 subwoofer and built a nice sized ported enclosure that is wrapped in carpet and vinyl to match the interior of the Sorento hatch. The enclosure is built to the subwoofers specifications and to the client’s music listening preferences, which allows for optimal bass performance. The amplifier ensures that the mid to high range has enough volume to keep up with the bass and the bass knob installed on the dash helps maintain an even output of bass from genre to genre.

We kept to the budget of our client and delivered her exactly what she asked for in the new systems appearance and sound. At the end of the installation the KIA Sorento gained a tremendous increase in output, and maintains clarity at high volume levels. A simple stereo upgrade like this will make the world of difference and makes the daily commute much more enjoyable!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned next month to see which build, or installation, makes the next feature. Who knows, it could be yours!!

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your incredible ideas. It is an appreciated and pretty tip for all those music lovers. What a Fatal post for those who want to upgrade an existing subwoofer with a new one.


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