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LIS Audio November Feature – DJ BigDad Build

This build was specifically meant for performing outdoor DJ sets. DJ BigDad performs for many different venues around Joplin and Kansas City metropolitan areas. Many of the sets performed are at shows and/or outdoor venues. He wanted to be able to have a loud audio system that can play for doors, remain clean in quality and while having to fabricate as little as possible to make it happen.

The wiring from the previous system needed to be addressed, so we installed our own runs of wire after addressing the issues. We also swapped the alternator for a high output that would be able to handle the load of the new system at full tilt and keep the two batteries charged. Having a proper charging system and supply is key to DJ BigDad being able to run the power invertor we hardwired in which supplies power to his DJ equipment when performing.

It was also important to the DJ to hold the equipment securely inside the cab without damaging the subs or other installed car audio equipment. We added a Kenwood Single DIN Radio with 5V preouts in order to deliver a decent voltage input voltage to the amplifiers and to head the system. In the doors and on the bad of the truck we added a good deal of HushMat sound deadener to reduce rattles and increase cabin acoustics.


  • Kenwood Single DIN Radio
  • DS18 6.5” Pro Midranges
  • DS18 1.75” Pro Tweeters
  • DS18 EXL 1000W 4 Channel Amplifier
  • DS18 EXL 1000W Monoblock Amplifier
  • DS18 12” Elite Subwoofers
  • HushMat Sound Deadener
  • Interstate AGM Batteries
  • T-Spec OFC 0 Gauge Wire
  • High Output Alternator

We decided to use DS18 6.5” Pro audio mids paired with DS18 1.75” Pro audio tweeters in the front doors while simply uplugging the speakers in the rear doors. We didn’t feel adding the rear speakers into the equation would be vary beneficial and would also allow us to allocate funds to more important areas. The DS18 EXL 4 Channel and Mono amplifiers were the choice for the system amplification. The truck has a total of 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers, yet screams!

We also decided on the 12” DS18 Elite subwoofers in a custom LIS Audio subwoofer enclosure that also homes the dual amplifier rack and DJ equipment storage shelf. The enclosures we built to funnel the bass out of the cabin and down the street when the doors are open, and keep up with the mids and highs projecting from the system. You will be able to see the invertor and extremely long AUX cord mounted to the enclosure that help with the DJ set process on the outdoor play days.

The most unique part of this build is the fact that we need functionality while also having a loud and crisp audio output. It’s always a challenge to create an ideal listening experience for different clients in different applications, but this one presented more of a challenge in the fact that entertaining more than just a cabin full of people was important. Another one of our fun builds in the books currently satisfying music lovers all over Kansas and Missouri!

Check out this video to see more of our work and how the build performs!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog. Stay Tuned for next month to see which build or installation makes the next feature. Who knows… it could be yours!!

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