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LIS Audio August Feature – Audi “2nd Amendment” Signature Build

AudiThe Audi A3 outside of LIS Audio waiting to be delivered to our client.

             This particular client wanted to have a loud, yet sound quality oriented, system that met his taste in music all while retaining the factory appearance. Our client, knowing we like to perform unique custom builds, decided to add his own twist on the project. He brought us some goodies to incorporate into the setup along side of the audio products, so we attempted to make it fit into the Audi as seamless as possible. Here’s how we did it!

speThe Audio Dynamics 3200 Series components speakers in the front doors with custom speaker mount rings.
rspeThe rear doors exposing the Audio Dynamics 2200 Series components speakers installed and read for door panel reinstallation.
3dsA front door with the new Audio Dynamics 3″ Mid-range speaker in the factory position.

            The vehicle is a 2016 Audi A3 and comes with locations for a 3-way component speaker setup in the front doors and a 2-way component speaker setup in the rear doors. In the front doors we added Audio Dynamics 3200 Series components speakers and an Audio Dynamics 3” mid-range speaker to create a 3-way setup filtered through Audiopipe passive crossovers. We built speaker pods in the doors to install the 3” speakers. The rear doors hold Audio Dynamics 2200 Series components speakers.


3sA closeup shot of the 3″ speaker in our custom LIS Audio speaker door pod.
intAn interior shot after the front stage 3-Way speakers were installed.
entA view of the factory slide out Audi screen which heads the new stereo system.

            All four doors have also been treated with HushMat sound deadener to reduce road noise and create a “cabinet like” environment for the door mid-bass speakers. The entire system is source from the still factory slide out stereo provided by Audi. You can see we chose an AudioControl 800 Watt four channel amplifier for the four door speakers and an AudioControl 800 Watt amplifier for the two Audio Dynamics 12” subwoofers, in a custom LIS Audio enclosure.

box2The subwoofer enclosure and amplifier rack ring mocked up mid fabrication process.
holeThe sheet metal cut and removed from the rear deck lid area for additional bass output to the listener.
perfThe finished product of our rear deck perforation installation.

            We also added our custom-built signature rear deck lid perforation, which allows plenty of airflow from the trunk to the cabin for an increase of bass output at the listening position. May high end or luxury vehicles will have a very thick back seat and thick read deck lid that keeps much of the bass output in the trunk, some rear seats don’t fold down. This is an option we provide our clients to affordably and audibly enhance their sub-stage without having to purchase a ton of additional product.

Box3The subwoofer enclosure, which was designed up fire to fully utilize the sub-stage capabilities.
gun3What you of the rear seat gun rack when the  rear seat is folded forward.
pistEasy access to the hand gun through the ski shoot.

            We also added some Hushmat sound deadener to the trunk, and trunk lid, to reduce rattles and vibrations created by the pressure of the bass. As you can see when the rear seat is folded forward it reveals the gun rack behind. Behind the rear seat we stashed an AR-15 and a Glock pistol each having three extra clips homed into the custom built gun rack. The center ski shoot also folds down for quick and easy access to the pistol. That was just one more little added LIS Audio touch that he really loved.

wire2This is the spare tire well with HushMat sound deadener and wires running to our amplifier rack.
wireThe custom amplifier rack that stores the shotgun, amplifiers, passive crossover one wire distribution.
knobThe surface mounted bass knob next to the driver seat.

            We dressed the trunk with a custom fascia to hide the subwoofer enclosure and give the trunk a more factory finish. We built a false floor in the trunk for easy access to the amplifiers installed below and the pump action shotgun as well. There were a few LED accent lights we added to the gun racks and the custom trunk fascia to give it a nice clean finish. Which is exactly what our client asked for.

shotThe hideaway storage area under the trunk floor.
guns-2This is what you could expect to see at night with the rear seat folded down.
ringA small Audi accent we added to create a factory feel.

            Stinger High Performance oxygen free copper wire was used throughout the entire installation to ensure high quality and reliable connections. This was one of the more simple LIS Audio Signature builds that we have performed but we didn’t want it to leave!! This system sounds fantastic and leaves room for upgrades down the road if our client decides he wants more!

FinThe finished truck fascia hiding the subwoofers, amplifiers and gun racks.

Check out an overview video the finished build here!

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