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LIS Audio June Feature – Chevy 4500 Dually Signature Build



           Our client came in wanting to upgrade his already aftermarket audio system. He had been shopping around for months to find the right shop without having to travel out of town then, he was turn onto LIS Audio. At first look, we could tell the full interior was custom, and had been swapped from a newer body style Chevrolet. Upon deeper inspection we found the audio system was way under par to the level of “cool” the rest of the truck obviously displays. We know we needed to rewire the audio system immediately. So, LIS Audio stepped in to raise the bar on the audio system!

The new Alpine touchscreen stereo with a new Chevrolet bezel.
The amplifier rack homes the two AudioControl amplifiers and all four Audio Control passive crossovers.

           We started off by getting rid of the iPad slider built into the dash and replacing the aftermarket touchscreen with a new Alpine touchscreen stereo and added an Alpine back-up camera. The Alpine feeds signal to the two AudioControl amplifiers. The AudioControl 1500 Watt monoblock amplifier powers the two pairs of Audio Dynamics 2200 Series 6.5” component speakers in the front and rear doors. The AudioControl 800 Watt 4 channel amplifier powers the four Audio Dynamics 8” 2100 Series subwoofers in a custom LIS Audio enclosure with LED lighting. You can also see that we added a small Chevrolet bowtie as a little cherry on top.

An Audio Dynamics 2200 Series tweeter in the front door similar to the other doors.
The Audio Dynamics 2200 Series mid woofer in the lower door, just as in the rest of the truck.

            We added Hushmat sound deadener to all four doors and the floor of the truck to reduce vibrations and help kill road noise. There is also installed an exterior strobe kit into the front grille, with bracket that we built custom to the truck. The seats, which had already been retrofitted to the 4500, were attached to the truck with custom brackets that were poorly welded to the floor. We decided to have the brackets under the front seats welded properly, then we replaced the rear brackets and added some sheet metal to the bases of the brackets to provide better contact surface area. It’s a much safer and comfortable ride now!!

The fuse holders mounted securely under the vehicle near the batteries.
The custom LIS Audio LED lighting kit illuminating the entire custom red leather interior.

            Stinger High Performance Oxygen Free Copper power and signal wires, Stinger 6000 Series RCA interconnects and Stinger fuse holders were used. The use of high quality Stinger wire will ensure the system is as efficient and reliable as possible. We also replaced a few factory switch panels in the doors and a window motor to get everything back to proper working order. Along with these new additions and the audio system the truck is finally finished correctly. The new audio system is now much more clear and can be turned up to high volumes with no issues. Now this Chevy 4500 dually looks and sounds sick from the inside out!

The truck set up with the LED lights on and the rear seat flipped up.

You can watch the full video recap below to see the build in action. We also show a few more aspects of the installation here. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog! Watch for the July client vehicle feature! Who knows which car or truck it could be! Maybe yours!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

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