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LIS Audio March Feature – 1970 Custom Dodge Charger Build

FrontThe Charger at the 2019 Autorama – World of Wheels car show in the Richline booth

             At LIS Audio we recently had a fully custom built 1970 Dodge Charger come to the shop for a full audio build out. The client wanted a nice loud system that would match how loud and impressive the custom exhaust system is with its electric dump outs while being as high-end show worthy as the rest of the vehicle. Not to mention just the pure raw sound of the Ray Barton Racing crate motor has at low and high speeds. So we set out to satisfy him in his quest!

BackThe charger posted at World of Wheels car show stunning the crowd!
EmptyThe trunk of the ’70 Charger covered in sound deadener and  ready for some LIS Audio upgrades!
MotoThe Dodge packs a beautifully assembled and installed Ray Barton Racing crate motor with tons of power

            The full interior of the vehicle had already been coated with a layer of Dynamat sound deadener from the firewall all the way across the floor and throughout the entire trunk. We began by laying down Oxygen Free Copper wire and interconnectors all made by T-Spec wiring and accessories. We decided to run the 00 Awg wire from the front to the rear 2 batteries along the frame securely underneath the vehicle and to the trunk for the two Odyssey deep cycle batteries.

InWe wanted to match the system with the already installed and built interior seats and door panels
KickThe custom LIS Audio kick panels built and lit by Justice
RunThe positive wire we ran from the front to the rear next to the ground wire we mounted solid to the frame

            The product we decided to use was Audio Dynamics for all of the components and the same for the amplifiers to power them with a Kenwood Excelon to head the system. Up front we added custom kick panels with a single pair of Audio Dynamics 6.5” 2100 Series component speakers powered off the front 2 channels of an Audio Dynamics Premium Series 1000.4 amplifier. The rear 2 channels of the amplifier will be dedicated to a rear pair of Audio Dynamics 6.5” 2100 Series components speakers to be added later.

BoxThe interior of the 6th order custom LIS Audio enclosure displaying the 3 chambers and 3 vents used for tuning
BuitThe trunk in the middle of the build process with the amps and crossovers on the rack
WireThe amplifiers and batteries wired up neatly on the rack in the rear

           We also build a custom 6th order enclosure utilizing the Audio Dynamics Acoustic Engineering program to tune the enclosure specifically around the sub-stage. The subwoofers we chose are the Audio Dynamics 10” 2100 series powered by two Audio Dynamics Premium Series 700.1 amplifiers wired to 2 ohms each. With the enclosure having been designed to hold the subwoofers inverted to display the rear motor structure and the port firing through the rear deck lid, it makes for a great mix of aesthetics and sound!

BThe build in the middle of the body fill process which gives the accent panels a more aggressive look
InvertThis part of the installation will rarely be seen but we like everything to be as clean as possible, even if you can’t see it
Xover When you look closely through the subwoofer window you can see the crossovers tucked away orderly

            To top it all off we add black ultra leather and orange suede dress accents to the kick panels and trunk to tie it all together. We also incorporated come custom LIS Audio lighting to illuminate our newly built custom panels. This Dodge Charger is now one of the meanest and cleanest hot rods on the road today! We unveil it last month at the Kansas City World of Wheels car show in the Richline Motorsports booth. It was truly a showstopper due to the quality of the entire build and the awesome output the audio system had, but most importantly Monty was extremely satisfied!

LidWe embossed the Charger 500 badge on the truck lid to flow with the rest of the vehicle
Trunk1The trunk all finished up and ready to cruise the streets!

Check out the video below to see the Charger at the 2019 World of Wheels Kansas City car show!

Thank you for reading our LIS Audio Blog! Watch for the June client vehicle feature! Who knows which car or truck it could be! Maybe yours!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

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It was also very cool watching the Charger roll across the block at the 2022 Kissimmee Mecum auto auction. Congratulations to the builders and everyone else involved in the project!

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