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LIS Audio January Feature – Offroad Xterra System!


Check out yet another full LIS Audio Signature Build in this mudding swamp monster 2004 Nissan Xterra! We’ll take you through the full installation and fabrication of this vehicle as we do in our traditional manner. You will read and see what we may have done slightly different in this vehicle as opposed to other standard daily driven vehicles we’ve installed our Signature Build in. Cody takes his Xterra offload regularly and he needed a system to keep up with his extreme lifestyle!

20180301_091714The 2004 Nissan Xterra at LIS Audio ready to have some work done.
pixlr_20190101200138058The factory speakers installed to the left and the speakers and factory weather shield removed on the right.

Our LIS Audio Signature builds are mostly comprised of upgrading the source unit, adding Audio Dynamics speakers, installing Hushmat sound deadener, installing it all with high quality Oxygen Free Copper wire, high quality interconnecters and sometimes an upgrade to the vehicles electrical charging system. With this Xterra we decided to keep the existing Pioneer stereo to send signal to the single amplifier that runs the entire system. Lets see just how we got this SUV beating!

pixlr_20190101201852535The new 0 Gauge Oxygen Free wire we added nice and tidy to beef up the vehicles electrical system.
20180304_184146The 4 Channel Audio Dynamics amplifier that we installed under the passenger seat.
pixlr_20190101213756001The headliner from before we pull it and when the fabric was removed to be replaced.

The amplifier we chose to run is the Audio Dynamics 400.4 Premium Series amplifier whcih allows us to power the front two door speakers and the subwoofer in the rear all on one amplifier. The front doors were fitted with Audio Dynamics 2100 Series component speakers mid-bass divers with Hushmat sound deadener to create the ideal environment and the A-pillars fitted with the 1″ tweeters to raise the sound stage. We also added sound deadener to the read doors and the roof of the vehicle while the headliner was removed to be reupholstered.

pixlr_20190101200959475We added the 2100 Series tweeters to the factory locations in the pillars to keep a factory look.
20180303_003331The 6.5″ 2100 Series mid woofers installed with custom speaker rings and Husmat into the front doors.
pixlr_20190101200515562.jpgThe rear doors also got treated with sound deadener to the inner and outer door skins.

On the rear two channels of the 400 watt 4 channel amplifier we added a 10″ Audio Dynamics 1100 Series subwoofer in a custom Acoustical Engineered subwoofer enclosure. The enclosure was designed and built for this specific vehicle, in its application and in accordance to the drivers listening preferences. It is quite impressive to hear the output and quality that comes from this simple LIS Audio Signature build!

pixlr_20190101201624132The headliner removed from the Xterra and freshly wrapped in new headliner material and the addition of Hushmat to the roof of the SUV.
20180304_002356The beautifully designed and hand crafted subwoofer enclosure sure open to show the inner workings of the chambers.
pixlr_20190101210353564The top of the enclosure is removable to access the subwoofer and the exterior has been covered in bedliner material to help it with stand the elements when offroad.

To make sure the Xterra would be ready for the additional electrical load we decided to perform the ‘Big 3 Upgrade’ which simply adding 0 gauge oxygen free copper wire to the engines electrical charging system. This allows for a slightly higher and more efficient charging voltage and also helps to prevent voltage drops and light dim. Those old school power caps are a thing of the past! Its all about setting up the right foundation, and this Xterra is now setup!

20180304_182943_HDR.jpgThe newly wrapped headliner and all the interior pieces installed!

Thanks for reading our LIS Audio Blog! Watch for the February client vehicle feature! Who knows which car or truck it could be! Maybe yours!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

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