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LIS Audio December Feature – Ford Explorer Factory Integration


20170215_154333_20181126225951869The Audio Dynamics product assembled for the Ford Explorer installation

In February of 2017 LIS Audio did our third Signature Build in a 2012 Ford Explorer. Which was similar to but much more flashy than the 2013 Ford Explorer we did just 2 months prior. Our factory integrated Signature Builds include using all Audio Dynamics audio products, with an AudioControl processor to pull signal, Hushmat sound deadener installed throughout the vehicle and using Stinger High Performance OFC wiring to connect the system. This Explorer with Forgiato 24” wheels and two tone wrap is about to get even cooler!

20170306_181755_20181126211658792The 2012 Ford Explorer with the 24″ Forgiatos wheels just chillin at LIS Audio
pixlr_20181126212909453_20181126221459554The 8″ Touchscreen we installed with Android Interface for a user friendly experience

Most of the idea for this installation was to only be flashy when the client wants to show it off, but for the installation needs to appear mostly factory. We started by replacing the factory base model stereo with a large Touchscreen factory integrated unit that allows for much more functionality then the original stereo. From here we added an AudioControl LC6i processor to pull the factory signal and send it to the aftermarket amplifier, which is tucked neatly under the passenger seat.

pixlr_20181126212633791The Audio Dynamics 6 Channel 900 Watt amplifier on the left and the AudioControl LC6i Signal Processor to the right tucked under the front seats
20170214_100642The top half of the Explorer was vinyl wrapped by another shop prior to coming to LIS Audio
pixlr_20181126210846987Hushmat installed for less road noise and a better acoustical sound-stage in the Explorer

We decided to use the Audio Dynamics 900.6 Premium Series amplifier to efficiently run the entire system, both front-stage and sub-stage. The amplifier, which is tucked under the drivers seat, powers the front door speakers we replaced with Audio Dynamics 2100 Series 6.5” components while the rear doors hold the Audio Dynamics 1100 5.25” coaxial speakers. The rear two channels of the amplifier run the Audio Dynamics 10” subwoofer in a LIS Audio custom built enclosure. To take up the least amount of room we decided to add the subwoofer enclosure to the hip of the hatch keeping it out of the way of the stow-and-go third row seating.

pixlr_20181126223235135_20181126224019228Hushmat added to the rear quarter panel to cut down on vibrations behind the custom subwoofer enclosure
20170214_202231The vehicle taped and ready for some layers of fiberglass to form the subwoofer enclosure to the vehicle
pixlr_20181126214407987_20181126224526611The Audio Dynamics 1100 Series 10″ subwoofer seemed to be at tight fit but we made it work tremendously

The entire system is interlinked and powered using Stinger High Performance Oxygen Free Copper wiring and 6000 Series RCA interconnectors. While we had many of the panels removed we added Hushmat to treat the areas of sheet metal where vibrations are most prevalent. It was installed on the inner door skins, outer door skins and on the metal of the rear hip of the hatch area behind the subwoofer enclosure. We incorporated a LIS Audio custom built red LED lighting kit to all three rows of the interior and to the custom grille. This Explorer is now sitting and sounding pretty!

pixlr_20181126213426001_20181126224745984Our custom LED Lighting kit installed throughout the interior of the vehicle and behind the custom build grille
20170218_024049_20181126213621415The entire subwoofer enclosure almost glows when lit in a dark area
pixlr_20181126225401832_20181126225435574The finished product of the subwoofer enclosure installed and tucked away in the hip of the hatch

The output of this single sealed 10″ subwoofer only on 2 channels of the amplifier was extremely impressive! When the client came to us he originally wanted 2 12″ subs for plenty of bass output. We let him sit in another clients vehicle, a 2013 Ford Explore with almost the exact same setup. He got out after listening to a good handful of songs with our client and simply said, “That, I want that. All of that.” So we delivered!!

Thank you for reading our December Blog feature! Watch for future write ups on more LIS Audio features to come!

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