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LIS Audio June Feature – The Eddy’s Acura RL Build

Denny Eddy’s Show Ready

Acura RL!

When it comes to late model luxury imports with a hint of lowrider, Denny’s 1998 Acura RL is at the top of the charts. Especially as a daily driver! LIS Audio has helped this vehicle transform and there is still more to come. Check out what we are currently up to as Part 2 begins with the RL!

20180506_101342_HDR.jpgThe front booth at the KC Showdown 2018 Car, truck & bike show

   The Eddy’s brought the Acura to us to have the system and trunk finished for the summer car show season. The car appeared at the 2nd annual KC Showdown car truck & bike show that Denny and Jenifer Eddy, plus friends and family, organized and put together at the T-Bones Stadium at The Legends. LIS Audio was proud to sponsor the show! It had such a huge turn out everyone is super excited for next year!!

20180505_094343_HDR.jpgDenny’s Acura out front of LIS Audio freshly painted!

   Denny wanted to switch up his audio components over to Audio Dynamics, which is our premier brand so we were all for it. We added a set of 2100 Series component speakers to the front and 2100 coaxial speakers to the rear doors, powered them off a 60.4 channel amplifier and 2 15” 3000 Series subwoofers powered of a 1200.1 Premium series amplifier. This system is a major improvement upon what was last in and as Denny wanted it all to match.

20180505_094433The custom LIS Audio front door pods we built in our M.E.T. classes
pixlr_20180621154935175.jpgThe custom pods up close with dress rings and pressed grille mess
20180620_104736.jpgThe custom LIS Audio rear door pods

   We built custom speaker pods for the front and rear doors to hold the speakers with accent rings and custom pressed meshed grilles to protect the speakers. While the doors were off we swapped out some of the inserts wrapped in black vinyl for the matching green on the pods and black suede on the others. We also wrapped some of the interior wood grained pieces in black suede to flow with the rest of the system.

20180505_094816_HDR.jpgThe trunk dress we did for Part 1 of the build
pixlr_20180621161657691.jpgThe Audio Dynamics amplifiers mounted on reach side of the trunk and dressed
20180620_104936.jpgThe rest of the dress to finish up the trunk after Part 2

   The custom box had recently been built and installed into the trunk by another installer, but Denny wanted LIS to put our touch on dressing it. We decided to hang the amplifiers on each side of the wheel wells to get them tucked up neatly out of the way. After wrapping the sub enclosure and adding the new subs, we built a dress piece that can lay around the subwoofer enclosure. This really brought it all together!

20180504_193144.jpgBlack suede wrapped interior accent pieces to match the doors

    We also added a full custom underglow LED kit and some lights to accent the custom work we did to the doors and in the trunk. We also added a Compustar alarm system to protect all of Dennys new goodies. The Acura had previously been wrapped in a full body wrap and is currently painted with a full custom paint job including pin striping and subtle watermarks on the runners. The wheels were custom painted as well to match the cars new paint job and it looks so much cleaner than the previously vinyl wrapped exterior.

20180620_104805_HDR.jpgDenny’s Amazon Alexa integrated into the audio system
20180505_094353_HDRThe Acura with the 4-button remote outside of LIS Audio

We added some single color LEDs to the build as well as a color changing Underglow kit. The video below will show how the Underglow kit works on the vehicle from the remote. We added a basic 4-button ArcticStart alarm system to help protect all the new audio we just added! Denny will be back into the shop with the RL to do more work very soon.

A small video of the Underglow kit we installed
20180505_094922_HDRThe Acura RL outside of LIS Audio about to leave after the Part 1 build

    Watch out at shows all around Kansas City and even across the country and you may encounter the Eddy’s and the RL. They attend tons of shows during the car show season and plan to attend plenty more! Stay tuned to LIS Audio’s social media pages to see when the next upcoming KC Showdown show will be! See the video below for a recap of KC Showdown 2018!

The Official LIS Audio edition KC Showdown Video

Check out the product swap out we did in 2022. There will be more details on the full Kicker sponsored update to come. Keep your eyes open!

Thank you for reading our blog! Make sure to follow the LIS Audio blog to see which ride we will be featuring next month!!

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