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LIS Audio Mobile Electronics Trainings (M.E.T.)

The Mobile Electronics Trainings are hosted out of the Limitless Innovative Solutions (LIS Audio) Workshop in Spring Hill, Kansas. The classes are created and directed by Owners Cameron “Chimpo” Powell and Justice “JAX” Berry who founded the company in 2016. This is a go-to Blog Spot for the students and attendees of the M.E.T. courses.

FB_IMG_1509584823269.jpgAbove Image: Chimpo and JAX with the Retrobuilt Super Cobra that was built for the Maxxsonics booth at the 2018 SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

We’ve decided to create a blog that is geared toward helping other interested people get into the 12 Volt Installation and Retail world. These blogs will cover the most basic and very general practices and techniques involved in Car Audio installation and customer satisfaction. Attending our trainings, following our Vlogs and reading these Blogs will give any beginner a huge upper hand when entering the Mobile Electronics Installation profession.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Del Ellis

We will begin to break down each category in mobile electronics trade to help the beginner understand what it takes to get the job done properly. This could involve anything as simple as how to handle customer phone calls and as extensive as full custom fabrication jobs. We will cover how important it is to treat the customer well and how to deliver a project that is right within their expectations.

What to expect from the M.E.T. future blogs…

  • Intro To Shop Safety, Hand Tools and Power Tools- A basic introduction to the proper shop methods, procedures and techniques for keeping workers safe and efficient.
  • Laying The Foundation- An introduction to sound treatment installation, electrical charging system and power supply upgrade.
  • Understanding Remote Start & Security Systems- An introduction to remote start integration, security add-on’s and vehicle Data systems.
  • Basics Of Stereo Installation- An introduction to basic stereo installation, challenges the industry faces and a brush up on how to properly tune the stereo.
  • Front Stage Design & Installation- An introduction to basic vehicle speaker replacement and the challenges of new technology.
  • Amplifier Installation & Integration- An introduction to amplifier classes, wiring techniques and mounting options.
  • Basics Of Subwoofer Enclosure Design- An introduction to designing, building and wrapping a custom subwoofer enclosure for multiple applications.
  • Advanced Front Stage Design & Fabrication- An introduction to the design and construction of custom fabricated speaker door pods.
  • Advanced Vehicle Integration- An introduction to adding signal processors, advanced DSP tuning, time alignment and Tablet/iPad integration.
  • Advanced Subwoofer Enclosure Design- An introduction to SQ, SPL and Ordered subwoofer enclosure design and construction, touching on real world vs. theory.
  • Custom Lighting & Accenting- An introduction to how to accent custom work with dress pieces and LED lighting systems.
  • Selling 12 Volt Audio 101- An introduction to techniques and tricks of the trade for selling in the mobile electronics retail industry and social media marketing.
received_10154988310007583Above Image: Chimpo, Brennan Vail and JAX with the “#Project Z33”  Nissan 350Z show car at the 2018 World Of Wheels Car Show in Kansas City, Missouri

It is easy to find work performed by LIS Audio on social media or by visiting our Website…

We will soon be making it a goal to have at least 1 new Blog, 1 new Vlog and 1 new class every month once the class is in full force! All of this content as well as updates on news will be available in the “Mobile Electronics Trainings (M.E.T.)” Facebook Group. Make sure to stay tuned to our social media pages to get updates on what’s new with M.E.T. classes!

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. – Leonardo da Vinci

Thank you for reading and we hope our tid bits of knowledge will help set many prospects on the right path to becoming employed in our industry!!

Contact LIS Audio if you have any questions…

Call: (913) 912- 6990



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